Welcome To The Neighborhood


Star Nine

American / California
9:56 min - Apr 24 - .MP4 - 428.81 MB


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Featuring Star Nine & Kymberly Jane. Star finishes moving some boxes & sits down to relax. She hears the doorbell, it's one of her neighbors stopping by to welcome her to the neighborhood. She invites Kymberly in and they sit on the couch for a pleasant chat that soon takes an odd turn. Star laughs confusedly as she repeats Kym's question - you want me to sniff your asshole?! Star's face shows that she must think this is some sort of prank, but Kym goes on and on begging her to sniff her asshole until Star complies. Kym stands up, sheds her bathroom, and spreads her asscheeks wide for Star's reluctant nose. Includes ass sniffing, ass smelling