Documented Behavior Roxie Rae Star Nine


Star Nine

American / California
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Featuring Roxie Rae & Star Nine. Roxie is getting you fired. This meeting with HR, it's just not going your way. You try to explain that you just had a misunderstanding last week, but Roxie has documented everything. Every little indulgent mistake you've made sounds far worse when they're all laid out together. Star seems to take a sadistic joy in harassing you - pointedly dangling her high heels off her soft nylon soles - putting them right in your face as she tells you you're fired. You're frozen in place, gazing at Star & Roxie's nylon feet as they flex and arch. They taunt you, musing on your future job opportunities until Star grows bored and threatens to call security. Includes pantyhose domination, office domination, foot domination