Teaching My Brother How to Fuck

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812 5.0
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Hardy84 - Top reviewer Apr 25 2017
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Very hot and sexy woman!
i love it! :P

Even with you away at school, your big sister still finds a way to take care of you. When I discover you finally have your first girlfriend, I give you a call on Skype. You’ll probably be thinking about losing your virginity soon, and I want it to be good for you. When we were younger, I taught you all about turning a woman on and eating pussy, and today I’m going to teach you about fucking, even if I have to it from a distance. I tell you how to make it good for her, to stretch her out if she’s a virgin like you, and how to get her eager for your cock in her tight cunt. I’ve even got a prop with me: a big dildo that I stuff into my wet pussy. Is that turning you on? No problem. Take out your dick. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it, after all