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Mommy's Triple Knot DP

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fearshot Jul 2 2017

Very nice! Will be next part?)

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Apr 25 2017
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Wow! In my opinion this has to be Berpl's hottest video. I think that she uses five different toys filling every one of her sweet holes. From a large realistic toy in her mouth to another in her ass. All three pet play toys make it into this video including the large Roland in her ass. There's double penetration. Double vaginal even a virtual bukkake. This video has it all.
Berpl looks so hot in this role play and as always she becomes the character. This is one, hot, kinky, pervy role play. It has it all.

princessberpl Apr 25 2017

Thank you so much Marc!!! I always look forward to your reviews <3

PoTaytohead May 20 2017
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Waiting for the next installment.

r3kaaa - Top reviewer Apr 25 2017
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No one can make better video than berpl, this is professional, good story, sexy clothes, good camera angle, perfect toys, everything is Perfect.

princessberpl May 15 2017

Perfect video and a perfect review to follow. Thank you so much r3kaaa!! <3

alt798pp Feb 24
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OMG ... this is so filthy...watching all that cum dripping over her is amazing

Atriex - Top reviewer Oct 15
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its alot of dildos.

Sweatyflowercolor - Top reviewer Oct 8
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Another Amazingly amazing, fantastically, fantastic PrincessBerpl vid!

Tiger0858 Jul 4 2017
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This video is way to sexy for words! If you love Berpl like I do than you'll definitely love this video! Her mom son role plays are so on point and sexy when she moans for more of her son and a big knot! Definitely a must have for any fan of Ms. Berpl taking big toys!

princessberpl Jul 4 2017

Thank you so much Tiger!!! I'm so darn happy you liked it :D!!

Second part to Mommy's First Knot DP! Ever since my son caught me fucking myself silly with knot, he's been able to do anything he wants with me. Whether it be sex when he wants or making me do his chores for him, I've become his slave. But when he came into my room today and tricked me into putting on a show for him AND his friends I was shocked! Not only did he tell his friends about my slutty ways, but he wanted me to take an even bigger knot than before... IN MY ASS. I felt reluctant at first, but my true desires became clear. Getting fucked until you're mindlessly horny will do that to a woman.. even if you are a mother. And it's embarrassing for my own son to take photos of me fucking him and his friends, but it's even worse that my own son knows me better than my husband. I've never had sex like this before... and I am ashamed to say that I can't get enough from my own son. At the end of the video I even beg them to cover me in their cum! I don't think that combination of words has EVER come out of my mouth before