Virgin Pay Pig Hands Free Orgasm


Kelly Sunshine

American / Minnesota
12:50 min - Apr 25 - .MP4 - 743.52 MB


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I know all about your pathetic affliction: you're still a virgin. I have a sneaking suspicion that deep down, you don't want that to change. You've been watching my clips for so long, the brainwashing has taken effect. I've shaped your thoughts so you now understand, sex isn't for people like you. The only way you can get off now is paying me. I'm the only one who can make you cum, and sex isn't even part of the picture. In fact, My powers are so strong, I can control your orgasm without even touching. That's right. Today I'm going to make you cum with only my teasing perfection and seductive words. Hands off that cock, loser piggy. Paying me is the only way either of us will cum today