Switch Distraction Fuck

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594 5.0
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derfy43 Apr 25
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Wow. Great eye contact during the blowjob. Noel provides the distraction we all really want. Don't bug us for sex. Just start performing and eventually it will happen.

OmegaRuby - Top reviewer Apr 25
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This video was well with the wait! From the blowjob distraction in the beginning to the cowgirl/doggy position fucking it was arousing through and through.

ULTIMATE LEVEL VIDEO ~~~~~Im trying to get the attention of my Sir... but he's ignoring me! He's too busy playing the new Legend of Zelda game on his switch... So what do I do? Play the distraction game! I suck his cock to get him to pay attention to me... Finally he puts his game down after I win and gives me a prize of fingering my pussy while I keep sucking him off. Eventually Im such a good little girl he fucks me in both cowgirl and doggy positions, then fills me with his load. YUM!!! <3