Dominating Miss Helen

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British / Cam world
535 5.0
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ReignOfSuperman - Top reviewer Jun 6
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10 out of 10 oh yeah 2 Thumbs and A Very hard Cock W/drained Ballzz, WAY WAY UP!!, don't' 'chu worry i watched these 1 day apart so had time to refuel, i know u were probably worried about me its cool, you're crazy about me Helen, its natural, I GET IT Trust me- i mean your welcome and better point of fact why wouldn't' you be? Whoa wait STRIKE that last part, Reverse it. i'm, yeah thats how i am about you. duh, right. ;) Huh? hmm? Oh right the REVIEW Mother Damn, where was i? ahh yes..yes this was a weekend thing for me. well i had a couple days off anyway. most relaxing too, huh...wonder why. ;) ha ha u know why. sly sinister sultry minx. love to make that behind of yours 50 shades of pink while you beg for it my HoneyBabySweetieDoll- (Also the title of a great Van Halen Song, of no consequence but i remembered it when i wrote this out hope its cool Mistress Helen;) f.y.i. could totally do for you what that machine can and with out needing to be plugged in, hey some guys have it granted MOST don't but not for lack of trying, and hey well when you got it, YOU GET IT. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? i mEAN Y-O-U...grrrrowl. yeah i know in my f=dreams, thats why we all love you for sharing your vids, well i do especially,YES!

VakNaMa - Top reviewer May 19 2017
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Our lady's beautiful white skin sensually contrasts against the black S&M outfit, I love all the dirty talk and the overall role play. I could go on all day about this vid so i will simply say it is a must buy!

drescull77 Apr 28 2017
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Vicious sex machine, your so perfect :P