Vaping to Music

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Pandora Luxe

American / Pennsylvannia
49 5.0
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WayneXtreme - Top reviewer May 8 2017
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This is an awesome video starring the incredibly lovely Pandora. There isn't much more to say that the title doesn't say. The whole video is of Pandora vaping topless to music, she doesn't show any of her goodies, but watching her is enough of a treat. Lots of open mouth exhales, and even a smoke ring can be seen. There's even a very hot nostril exhale and a couple of "in your face exhales". If you have a smoke/vape kink like I do, definitely pick this clip up!

Watch me vape and blow thick vapor clouds. I blow them into your face, make a few smoke rings, and just enjoy myself. Light music in the background while I puff away and blow out thick white clouds