Afternoon Anal with Cum Lube

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1,390 5.0
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Arrakis84 May 31 2017

that ass and that super sexy feet in see-through nylons, and your face in pleasure.. wow

Giampieroxxx Jul 12 2017
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Raven hair and ruby lips,.... sparks fly from her finger tips :)

I'm having a lazy afternoon vaping in my underwear when I decide on a better way to spend my day. I play with myself a little over and under my panties, lifting my little yellow shirt up to grope my tits, before sliding out of both my shirt and panties. Once I'm naked except for stockings, I grab some cum lube and pour it all over my ass and tits, rubbing it in until I'm nice and shiny. All lubed up, I suck on a dildo for a moment before eagerly sliding it into my ass, pouring more cum lube over it so I can fuck myself harder. I fuck my ass with it in doggy for a little while, still covered in white sticky lube before flipping over and playing with my clit. I'm about to come when - whoops - I get so tight the dildo shoots out of me! Quickly I stuff it back in, finishing myself off for real this time. After I cum, I slide the dildo out of my ass and wink my gaping asshole for you a few times