Cheating Boyfriend Gets Blackmailed


Kelly Sunshine

American / Minnesota
5:12 min - Apr 26 - .MP4 - 273.78 MB


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You thought you were slick with your perverted flirting. Incessant messages on social media, desperate behavior at parties, unable to take the hint of total rejection. You believed you could take up space and attention and you'd get away with it forever. Not this time, loser. You made the mistake of messaging the same pathetic copy pasted message to both Mistii and I while we were hanging out. We decided to do a little investigating into who this obnoxious idiot was, and we found out something very interesting. You have a girlfriend! She's pretty hot, though I have no clue why she's with you. I'm sure she'd drop your ass in a heartbeat if she saw the sexts you've been sending us. Here's what's going to happen: You're going to be our bitch from now on. Anything we want, you will provide. Don't even think this means you get to spend time with us. You're a blackmailed errand boy and pay pig now, nothing more