Seducing My Roommate

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2,353 5.0
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this is awesome, can't wait til you do one without socks!

mrtweeturgirl - Top reviewer Apr 27
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OMG! That was AMAZING! Very good quality video! Awesome POV action! Great little tease performance from Desiree. And a very Pro like bj! Around the 18 minute mark Desiree really gets wild! WOW! (she likes it like that) A must buy for anyone's collection! What a lucky roommate!

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Great video! Loved the pov shots and hard pounding she got! Love Desiree!

Ever since I found out my roommate has been making porn, I'd been dying to ask him to make a video with me. I finally worked up the nerve to ask, and I was very pleased with the end results... shot with two cameras so you can watch me sucking and fucking from two different angles