Shavelle Love wetting tight jeans pee



Canadian / Las Vegas
8:36 min - Apr 25 - .WMV - 271.24 MB


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Sexy pornstar Shavelle Love rings your doorbell & asks to use your bathroom since she locked herself out of her house & is waiting for the locksmith to show up. She's already SUPER desperate to pee, bouncing up and down and grabbing her crotch unabashedly!! She can't help it; that's how badly she needs to pee! Your wife is in the shower but she's s super jealous woman so you tell her to wait in the foyer until she gets out of the shower. Shavelle can't wait and it just starts COMING OUT... DARK wet streaks are coming down her jeans and they're GLISTENING with PEE! It's soooo sexy watching her boobs bounce & then seeing her uncontrollably wet her jeans. She's so embaressed and apologetic about it... offering to clean it up & surveying the damage... she really peed herself good!! it's all over the tiles, shoes and soaking both legs of her jeans. Great behind the scenes part where we talk about it. Shavelle is GREAT at VERBALIZING her female pee desperation and talking a lot about how she needs to go