GryphonDerp: The Gryphon Gloryhole



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GryphonDerp!  I love watching this woman on Snapchat!  So imaginative.  A gryphon dick in a glory hole?  Amazing!

SaraStar Apr 26

Thank you!! :)

MarSmal Apr 25

GRYPHON! Just found this lovely lady and she's just the bees knees! Slay it girl

SaraStar Apr 26

Thank you!!!

SaraStar Apr 25

GryphonDerp! :)

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Sara has been studying her lore and discovers she can summon magical beasts through a portal. This time she is greeted by a Gryphon, a large creature - part eagle, part lion. She worships it with her hands, then takes it deep in her mouth. She continues to worship this magical beast until it explodes all over her ample bosom