Nude Oil In Heels

827 5.0

Ros Lebeau

American / NYC
827 5.0
13:16 min - Apr 25 - .MP4 - 1.33 GB


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SerumGreenTim - Top reviewer May 1
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She's moving slowly, showing us different angles, different positions, insisting on her intense assets, touching herself a little but never stopping the "tour", the "visit of the panorama", a gorgeous panorama.
The "nude with just high heels" was already a wonderful idea, I find it incredibly sexy and racy. And with the oil to highlight every inch of Ros Lebeau... And you really can see her whole beautiful and sexy, hot body during almost all the vid, but she manages to get closer to the cam anyway from time to time, shoing us more closely what she has to show ! A delight, but watch out: not a complete masturbation, more about just "touching" here and there.

TheAssassin deleted Jun 4
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This video is so sensual and sexy, it is extremely classy and hot!!! :-)

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This is one of the best oil vids I've seen. So sexy, so natural. AMAZING!

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If you are looking for sensuality and a slow tease vid this is definitely one to check out. PURE SEXY!!!