cocksucking cum[***] dirty boy

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it’s time, baby…tonight’s the night…<br><br>i’ve been fingering your asshole…milking your prostate…saving your cum; tonight, you’re going to swallow every drop of it, just like you promised.<br><br>looks like more than you thought in this glass, doesn’t it baby? twelve times you came into this glass while i fingered your ass…and tonight i’m going to watch you suck, swallow, and gag on every single one. mmm…look at your cock twitch…you <i>like</i> eating cum, don’t you? you sick fucker…cocksucker…cumdrinker…get on back.<br><br>i’m going to milk you one more time…lucky thirteen, before i make you slurp it all up. mm-hmm, it won’t take long, baby…you know how much you love to have your asshole fingered. you’ll pop in no time, and we can get on with the cum[***] that you’re just dying to do.<br><br>get back on your knees, you dirty cum whore you…it’s time to suck it up…but not from the glass. oh no, baby…you’re going to suck all of your cum right out of my giant cumming dildo - just like it’s a real cock.<br><br>you’re not going to let a drop hit the floor as i drip….drizzle…and eventually shoot load after load of cum down your slut throat while you guzzle and moan for more. cumslut. cocksucker. fanboy.<br><br>mmm, baby…there’s so much of your cum from all the prostate fingering….i could fill my cock back up and blast several loads right up your ass. get over here….ride my cock, slut. you <i>know</i> you’re dying to feel my cum splash deep up into your asshole…come on, baby….take it all. every fucking drop. and when you’re done, get back on your knees, cumslut…and suck me clean