Turning You Into A Balloon - Luna Lain

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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me! You are kind of like a balloon. Delicate, fragile and easy to pop. I am going to blow this purple balloon larger and larger. I grab it by the neck, and tie it into a knot, making all the squeaky rubber sounds that you like so much. Would you want to transform into a balloon? You would be floating, lightweight and all of your muscles will be replaced with latex. My lips pucker up and blow, inflating you. No escaping your new fate or from me because I want to know what it is like. Do you like getting blown? Now even the smallest person could pop you because you are so helpless. No more favorite foods or even satisfying your girlfriend. Someone else will have to do that. Now that you are a pink balloon we have to figure out what to do with you! OTHER KEYWORDS- transformation fantasy, femdom POV, femdom, lip fetish, lips, balloon nonpop, balloon non pop, looner, red lipstick, Luna Laine, Luna Lane, redhead, red hair, bra and panties, white lingerie, balloon fetish, all natural