Stuck Mascot - Luna Lain

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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me! Luna Lain stole the mascot costume of her nemesis as revenge for stealing her boyfriend. She is going to do all sorts of awful things pretending to be the other girl, causing her to get in trouble. How did her boyfriend ever like that girl in her bulky, smelly costume? After doing her naughty deeds, Luna is ecstatic but glad to remove the sweaty outfit. As she pulls on the head, Luna realizes that it is stuck. Fumbling, she rolls around and contorts in all sorts of positions to remove it. Nothing works and Luna panics thinking that she will have to stay in this stinky prison. Worse, if someone helps her out, she will blow her cover for the pranks just committed. Maybe taking off the body part will make it easier? Fumbling, she removes it and struggles in her bra and panties. This still does not work, and Luna tries to get dressed so she can get help. Unfortunately her shirt does not fit over the mascot head. Looks like she will have to go out in public barely clad. OTHER KEYWORDS-furries, costumes, humor, costume fetish, Damsel in Distress, embarrassment plushies, humour, Luna Laine, Luna Lane, barefoot, barefeet