These Dirty Feet Need to be Cleaned



Spanish / Europe
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I've been walking on the terrace barefoot, so my pretty feet are filthy now. I have a date in a few minutes! And my soles are full of all kind of dirt, so disgusting... . . . . I'd love to have you licking my soles until they are perfectly clean, But I have no time, so just sit here and watch how I wash my feet. . . . . I'm going to tease you Spreading and Wiggling my Toes in your Face. . . . . Then I'll let the the water run throug my soles... And give myself a good soapy massage, focusing on my toes and making a lot of foam. . . . . When my feet are clean I'll use a towel to dry every inch of my feet with care. . . . . I hope you learn how I like it for the next time. . . . . Dirty and Clean, My Feet are going to mesmerize you! . . . . My toenails natural, without nail polish