How To Ace A Job Interview feat. Taurus


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Taurus is waiting in the lobby of your office. She's one of the candidates that made it to the final 3 for your new assistant position. She's pretty much the perfect candidate but you already promised the role to another person. The timing was just off. It's unfortunate because you really like this girl. She's much prettier than the other candidate and she claims to have special skills as well. She seems disappointed that she might not get the role but she is not giving up so easily. Taurus is clearly willing to go the extra mile, or 9 inches or so, to get the role. She's not wearing any underwear and within minutes she's on her knees looking up at you with your hard cock in her mouth. She wasn't kidding about those special skills. She masterfully sucks your dick for a while. It's very obvious this talented lady would make a great addition to the team. You might have to reconsider your decision if this is the sort of can do attitude she's going to bring to the firm. Also check out our other videos with the sexy Taurus