Jacquelyn Velvets Breakfast

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Jacquelyn Velvets shrunk all of the students at school and has them in a jar for her special snack. She prepares a bowl of cereal, pours the creamy milk, and sprinkles her classmates in the deep swimming pool. She savors them one by one, chewing with her mouth open really wide. While masticating her meal, she taunts them. It was so easy to capture them because they were stupid enough to eat the candy she gave them. Thank goodness the internet sells shrinking confections! When one of the tiny losers threatens to pee in her cereal to prevent her from eating them, she threatens to consume them anyways. How dare they be selfish when only she can be the most important person in the world? In a brazen move, they actually urinate in her cereal. Jacquelyn knows that tender little human morsels taste so good that she won't notice the altered taste and continues munching on their crunchy bodies. If anything, their bladders are so small, it would not have made a difference anyways! ***The customer asked for the word "pee" to be used a lot, so it is. :) OTHER KEYWORDS-shrinking, eating, femdom, chewing, amazon Jacquelyn Velvets, Jacqueline Velvets, pee humiliation, food, blonde, blond, long hair