Limp and Swallowed Alive Same Size Vore

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Vore Studios

American / Las Vegas
1,716 5.0
7:04 min - Apr 26 - .MP4 - 1.00 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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chris17a Oct 29
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Not something I thought I would be in too! Codi looks absolutely amazing in this and Sydney Screams has one hell of a sexy evil laugh! The video itself turned me on massively, why I have no idea, not something I am big into! But with cody lay flat her body is out of this World! Sydney does a good job of making it sound authentic as best you can with this stuff! Her laugh however is also a massive turn on, she laughs at the right moments and it sounds hot, as well as the eating sound! But Codi just looks amazing in her top and out of it! That alone deserves 5 stars!

Sydney Screams is Codi's best friend, but Sydney's only been waiting for the perfect opportunity to feast on her prey. When Codi starts having relationship problems, Sydney decides to take advantage of her while she's weak, emotional, and vulnerable. She gives her a shoulder to cry on and feeds her chocolate covered strawberries... but they're laced with a paralyzing agent! Completely limp, Codi is undressed, taunted, and slowly devoured while she begs for help. How could her best friend betray her like that