Don't Cum Yet Baby

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You keep saying that you need help…you need to control your orgasm…not cum so fast.<br><br>But you always jerk off the same way. You know what makes your dick feel good and you never lose any time getting to it. I’m going to help you learn to play new games with your cock…and with me…that’ll keep your balls full and tight <i>so much longer</i>, baby. Let’s touch ourselves together…I’ll show you what I’m talking about….see? Mmm…that’s it, just like that, baby….now take your hand off your cock before you cum. And just watch me….listen to me…get ready for your next chance to cum…<br><br>Maybe you weren’t able to wait, and your cock’s spurting into the air right this’re not getting out of it that easily, baby. Spit on that dick and get hard again…you’re going all the way to the end with me, baby.<br><br>Mm-hmm…wrap your finger and thumb around the base of your balls…squeeze them while you stroke yourself and watch me slide my hand inside my lace panties to finger my dripping-wet pussy while you try so hard not to cum.<br><br>Stop right before you do, baby…don’t let it cum yet…don’t miss this. You’re going to want to be hard when I take these panties off, lick them, and wrap them around the base of your cock to keep you from popping instantly…<i>to the sloppy, wet sounds of me fingering my pussy. You can hear that, can’t you?…see my slippery fingers plunging in and out while my pussy smacks and slurps away, eventually having my own intense, creamy orgasm while ordering you to unclench your balls and cum with me, baby…finally. Mmm…fuck yes, baby…now let’s lick each other clean.</i&gt