Medical Treatment



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Nurse Lola Foxx takes in a new patient who has been suffering from chronic migraine headaches. She wanted to test out a new experimental medical treatment, which involved plenty of ballbusting! Lola commanded him to disrobe and spread his legs. Then, she proceeded to bust his naked balls while wearing her silky white stockings. The pathetic patient crumbled down to the ground and tried to protect his balls from the incredible ballbusting assault. Lola continues to crush his nuts with her bare feet! Next, the hot nurse took off her clothes so that she could deliver harder kicks. She kneed him in the nuts several times until he fell to the floor again. Lola teased him with her sexy body, and she also asked him to lick her sweaty feet because the raw perspiration of women was known to be a natural remedy. Finally, she got down on her knees and took immediate control of his cock and balls. She began biting his cock and balls with her perfectly sharp teeth! The pain from his migraine headaches quickly dissipated and was repositioned to his genitals. This awesome femdom ballbusting medical treatment resulted in the release of liquids from Lola's patient's penis