Chikkin rainbow cake sploshing and wam



American / Arizona
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Chikkin and I got together to make a mess with a rainbow colored cake, and a cake that was covered in rainbow sprinkles. We had icing that was deliciously watermelon scented. After checking out all of the messy goods we have to make a mess with, she strips down and gets ready for the fun! The first cake to go is the rainbow one! Chikkin sits in the cake and mooshes it all over with her butt wiggling around and mashing it in several positions and then does the same to the sprinkled cake. You can see how extra flexible she is as she does the splits in the cake mess. Turning to face the camera she throws some cake in the air which I catch in ultra slow motion, and it rains down on her face. She exhibits a few more dance moves rolling around in the filth we've created, then opens some pudding and coats herself with it. Yellow frosting is going all over the place as Chikkin bends over and smears it across her entire body. She's now super bright and beautiful. The watermelon flavored frosting comes out next and the green coverage She covers herself head to toe in green with the delicious mess and again drops to a splits, getting goop in every imaginable nook and cranny of her body The next ingredient is blueberry filling which makes her really sticky. Shaking up the whipped cream, she sprays herself down with some of it, and then even does a whipped cream twerk, shaking it off her ass. Mess is everywhere, and she shows no interest in stopping, as she flops all over in the goop. Quickly we transition to blue and the frosting keeps coming, covering her legs and arms, then over her shoulders before switching to yellow, which winds up in her hair too! She pulls out some marshmallow fluff next. The fluff makes some odd farting noises as she scoops it out and smears it across her body. She flops all over in the slime that has accumulated on the ground and makes sure not an inch of her body goes uncovered in it. Sprinkle time is next order of business! Using brightly colored sprinkles she gets her upper and lower portion covered, including a "flower for my flower" as she puts it. More green frosting comes out of the can as she coats herself from top to bottom, and then she uses some crushed chocolate sprinkles to cover her ass, shaking it from side to side. After a few twerks, she falls to her knees and keeps on twerking until I throw a cupcake that nails her on the butt cheek. My next one lands directly in the middle of crack on the bullseye! After several cupcakes hitting her in her most sensitive of parts, I smash her in the face with a pie then smear it around. Lastly, she drops to her knees and assumes the position so that I can give her the frosting facial with condensed milk all over her face, after which point she drops to her knees so I can give her a coating on her ass that drips all over her lady bits