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CUM2SMOKE Welcomes Norah Nova and Nari Park to the next set of The Ganja Games. Hosting is the very lovely Little Mina and she explains the game. The 2 Motor Bunnies will be running on the highest setting at the same time the insertion portion will be set on high as well. These 2 lucky girls will have the vibration of a lifetime right off the bat as well as their tight wet pussies will be stretched. Oh lets not forget while they have these machines on high they will have to play a round of Rock, Paper & Scissors and smoke a water pipe. Each round who ever wins goes down a speed/vibration while the loser is raised or stays the same. Now that is alot to remember hopefully one of them can win. Mina turns on the machines and instantly Nari is struggling as it really makes her cum hard very quickly. She takes a big drag from the water pipe and exhales a giant cloud of smoke and hands it off to Norah. She takes an even bigger drag and lets out bellows of white beautiful thick smoke out of her lungs covering the camera lens. They play their rounds of rock paper scissors round by round they go down or up. They take massive drags on the pipe each round letting out so much smoke at times they even start to cough very hard and can't stop since so much is going on with their bodies. Who will win? Watch the video and find out