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281 5.0
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The preview is enough to make this a must buy! Love B&W-sometimes with the right subject it is sooo appealing, and for the expression of raw sexuality it is really erotic and arousing. Very creative, and of course you look fantastic as usual, Kitty, Your body is a most beautiful human landscape mmm x

it's not bad video ;)

teasing you O:)

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What a sexy, seductive siren. Your body is a work of art, such flawless beauty, and the use of B&W gives a very intense feeling of raw sexuality. Very arousing and erotic. Madonna's "Justify my love" was shot in B&W, and that was-and still is-the sexiest music video ever. Incredibly hot. And so is this video, Kitty :) Very, very nice mmm. :) Thanks for 12 minutes (and 11 seconds!) of pure pleasure :) x

I love "Justify my love" <3

b&w tease
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Polish / Poland