Love The Smell - Anabelle Pync

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Anabelle Pync had a great workout and drops to the sofa gasping for breath. Leaning back, she removes her sneakers and grabs a whiff. It is really pungent from the new and old sweat comingling. Rubbing a shoe on her pussy, she inhales deeply before stripping off her socks.The aroma is such a turn on that she rubs her pussy over her yoga pants and then shoves underneath the fabric so that her juices can comingle. The spandex holds the scent in so well that Anabelle pulls them down to her knees so she can rub her clit and sniff at the same time. As her eyes roll to the back of her head, her body shudders in climax. Pulling the pants off all the way, she dabs them under her armpits. Anabelle is greedy for another orgasm and rubs while doing long inhalations. All of the pheromones push her over the edge and she easily cums. Grabbing her feet, she covers her face with her bare feet as her little toes waft the aroma toward her nose. This was the perfect cooldown to exercising! OTHER KEYWORDS- sneaker fetish, smelling socks, foot fetish, solo female, solo orgasms, orgasms, barefoot, barefeet, workout clothes, spandex, smelling feet, Annabelle Pync, flexibility, smelling feet