Giantess Desiree Lopez

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Desiree Lopez heard the cries of a little man and wanders to find him in a scary game of hide and seek. She is hungry and really wants to hear the crunch of bones in her mouth. Crawling on her hands and knees, they are teased with upskirt shots that show off her thigh high clad legs, but don't dare come out of hiding. She searches everywhere and coos until she finds one. Using both hands she grabs him and just wants to play. Comparing him to her fingernail, she is amazed that something could be so cute and tiny! Now they can play a great game. She can't hear his cries for mercy and assumes that he is wants to be covered by her ass. Desiree has so much fun grinding on his helpless body. When she pokes and prods him, he still has a little bit of life in him, so she wiggles on him more. He is super small and she drops him in her hungry mouth, rubbing her tummy. As tasty as he was, she still wants more. Finding another microscopic man, she loves that he kicks and squirms. Playing was fun, but she is hungry and just wants to eat. Plopping him on her tongue, he sees the world from a high vantage point before being swallowed. He is not ready to go and gets stuck in her throat. It takes a second for her to re-swallow, but he goes down the hatch where he belongs. There have to be more appetizing treats and she finds one in the bedroom. Just as she is about to swallow, she teases him by squeezing him between her big tits. He's smushed while she kneels and against a chair because she is not going to have him try to escape like the last one! When he has been beaten down, he is the final course in her meal. OTHER KEYWORDS- innocent giantess, amazon, female domination, femdom, ass grinding, Latina, blond, blonde, hose, nylons, pantyhose/stockings, high heels