Happily Abducted by Aliens

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22,839 5.0
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Zmanfive Jun 24

This is unbelievable. BUY IT!

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Remember the movie Fire in the Sky? Well, this video is exactly like that except with double penetration and anal cream pies. Come to think of it this video is nothing like Fire in the Sky, but this video does have titties, ass, and will help you make cumsies. Buy it.

bubbajones68 - Top reviewer Jul 4
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Mia might be the hottest woman in the world. Not even kidding. This video is awesome, just like everything else with her in it, and it's a great quality video- I highly recommend you add it to your collection ASAP!

Zmanfive Jun 24
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I don't normally feel like I want to leave reviews because often times they are not 5 stars. So I don't want to lower the ratings.

But this video is INSANE!! If 5 stars is the max, then the videos I reviewed in the past might have to be lower.

You get to see her face close up giving a blowjob, then her breasts all being shiny with that alien cum, and a very good views of her using that alien cock on her vagina. The long dildo went into her ass pretty deep.

She gets into many positions showing her butt and pussy very clearly. This video is so high quality, you can see all the details on her skin. And you can really get awesome views of her butt and pussy when she spreads her legs and when she squats facing the front and back.

There is quite a lot of double penetration. You can also see her feet quite a lot. That view of her kneeling with her butt and soles facing the camera and dildo in her pussy.. UNREAL! Then she rides the dildo while squatting. WTF!!! And all that alien cum..

I can't say enough. But I shall stop now.

I have to say this is one of the best videos I have EVER seen. And I have watched a lot of porn. Mindblown. Mind=BLOWN!

grizz11 - Top reviewer Jul 23
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Very creative and she always has fun doing what she does)

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Jun 4
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I think this is the best alien abduction fantasies on the site. Has it all; good production value, pretty model, DP and alien impregnation. I loved it.

vid preview is a good summary