A Cluster Of Balloons



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I walk into the room surprised to find a big cluster of green, blue, and purple balloons. Awesome! Are these for me? I love popping balloons! They are so pretty!... I'm going to have to pop them though. There's nothing better than a big cluster of balloons. Okay, let's just pop one so far. POP! Haha! I love balloons! I pop a few more balloons with my nails, then leave to find something fun to pop then with. I come back with a spoon. I love that you really have to push the spoon into the balloon to make them pop! I squeal with anticipation. It's so much fun! After popping several balloons with the spoon, I switch back to popping with my nails. When a few balloons get loose from the bunch, I sit pop several of them. I love how soft and squish some of them feel when I sit on them. I even pop some of them by sitting on them only with my weight (no bouncing). Once there is room on my floor, I pop several balloons with my feet, by pressing the balloon with my feet against the side of my couch. This video was so much fun! Popping methods include: Nail pop, spoon pop, sit pop, foot pop I start out wearing a cream colored cardigan with a white bra and blue and white striped panties underneath. I take off the cardigan after popping the first couple balloons