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459 5.0
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MorphD Sep 5
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Amazing video. First time through I came twice and my cock was still hard. Super sexy.

Scooby is late for our footjob date (which you can see in my other clip, Velma FJ Sole Splash), but you’re on time, so I decide to clue you in on a mystery of our beautiful are my cheeky ass and tight pussy? Lucky you gets to find out, as I begin to caress my thighs from a “rear view” (ha!) then turn around and show you my sweet, innocent soles. My groovy orange nail polish matches my leg warmers, and I wiggle, sniff and suck my tender tootsies for a second before we get back to the Case of the Booty Snatches!  I am such a bad girl, zoinks, like, there’s my ass and clit and feet all together in one shot, yeah, baby! I smack my cheeks, then give you a lovely view of all three as I double-finger-fuck myself - this isn’t fake, I really did enjoy myself, my toes wiggling and curling as I gradually built to a crescendo so fast if you blink, you might miss me solving the case! And, as a parting gift, I put my ass right in front of you, straddling my couch with my soles and toes wiggling in view and finger myself a second time! Whew! Who knew solving crimes would be so exhausting