Enslaved to Cotton Candy Pink Toes


Goddess Ashanti

American / Texas
5:40 min - Apr 26 - .MP4 - 942.13 MB


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Feet are what you desire; you crave to be at the mercy of a beautiful pair of toes. It just does something to you, especially when they are painted with your favorite nail polish looking so tasty you’d want to eat them. We’ve been hanging out after class off and on and every time I take off my shoes to get comfortable, your body language changes. One time recently when we came home from the bar, you confessed on the way to our separate dorm rooms that you had a foot fetish and feet made you do some pretty stupid things; especially when they are painted cotton candy pink. Like, give up big wads of cash, Stupid you know. You’ve moved from your old home town so nobody knows this secret as you’ve tried to keep it hidden. Little did you know that was the final ingredient I needed to enslave you to my cotton candy pink toes. I decided to record a video emasculating you for letting me in on your little secret, which I intend to bring back all those emotions you’ve hidden. When you come over after class one day, I take off my shoes and noticed the way you look at them, the way your breath quickened, and faint once you smelled the aroma as I purposely worked out extra hard that morning and kept the shoes on all day for this very reason. Once you've fainted, I tied you to a chair and of course I’ve already taken your wallet and leave you to watch as I emasculate and tease your mercilessly about your inferior stature as a beta male loser who is infatuated with my feet and what all I want you to do to and for them; as I tease you with my cotton candy pink irresistible toes. It’s only if you follow my every command and obey everything that I say, that only then you have a chance at not having this information leaked to the entire college campus, until then you are my little foot bitch, giving into my every desire