My Body Craves Your Cash

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Look at my spectacular body. This is the body of a Goddess. You know what fuels this body? You know what turns this body on? Your money!! This body craves your ca$h. Taking your money keeps me sexy and bratty. And, just like my body craves your ca$h, you crave my body. Your cock craves my body. You body, mind, cock, and wallet all itch for this amazing woman. Every time you send more, I get more turned on, and you become weaker. It's a giant circle, that will never end. You crave my body, and my body craves your ca$h. And just like I'll never get bored of taking your money, you'll never get over me. I will always be your biggest turn on, your greatest desire. Your ca$h is my bodies nourishment, and I know you're going to continue to feed it as you stroke away