The Cuck Olympics--Quickie



American / U.S.A.
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Abridged/Quickie version of the longer "The Cuck Olympics." Fans and connoisseurs of bisexual, pegging and cuckold group play won't want to miss this amateur feature for the ages, as these three merry miscreants manage to squeeze a thick and meaty amount of fun into every single, steamy minute of this amateur threesome. After leashing and handcuffing her bi cuck-hubby Marc, the kinky and curvaceous Leslie joins up with one of her many male acquaintances to double-team and defile her submissive, significant other from both ends and in a dizzying array of positions. These pernicious pervs even ramp up the degree of difficulty a bit and pull off one stellar stack for the Russian judges: "The Beast with Three Backs," as Leslie pegs hubby in a missionary pose while BoyToy B rides hubby's cock reverse cowboy. And of course, Leslie completes the full circuit by jerking off one while butt-banging the other--tens all around! Then just when you think this torrid tussle simply can't get any hotter, this vid really sticks the landing with both a snowball/cum swap from hubby's cock to her waiting mouth and then a hot/heavy cum shot all across this enchanting MILF's torso and tits--outstanding