quickie bj with facial

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American / Los Angeles
3,945 4.9
2:31 min - Apr 26 - .MP4 - 360.00 MB


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OMG her eyes will make me crazy ! So beautifull

pillowpilot9 deleted Jun 17
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I forgot to mention in the previous review that Kimber has very sexy eyes. Her make-up is very goth-slutty (not an insult!) Long fake eyelashes, that are very robust. Smokey eye shadow. Very sexy.

This is a short POV BJ vid. She looks incredible.

Not much talking or noise (I would like to hear more dirty talk, myself). But still very sexy. Slow, and deliberate. Nice eye contact at times. She is proficient at deep-throating.

The facial is sub-par, but this is still a very nice video to add to your collection.

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Can never get enough Kimber b/g action!

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Lovely blowjob video. Great close-up shots of Kimber sucking a very lucky guy's dick.

Rex Morgan
Rex Morgan deleted - Top reviewer Apr 30
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JM1983 Apr 30
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wish I was that guy!!!! good quick vid. perfect wifey material

quick bj with my friend on the kitchen floor. I guess i owed him for making him record me naked in the park earlier haha so a few minutes in i just had him record it haha