Holding my pee for you


Eva Kay

American / HELL
11:05 min - Apr 26 - .MP4 - 403.73 MB


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You are my owner. you like to play games with me and today's game is making me hold my pee until I explode. I tell you how desperate I am and how badly I need to pee, but you won't let me. You push me further by making me take off my panties and expose my pussy to you. You make me use the hitachi on my pussy knowing that the deep vibrations cause me to leak if I have to go. I try my best to hold back for you, but it is so hard. I cum for you, but right after my already weakened bladder muscles give way and I start to leak. The leak becomes stronger and turns into a steady stream. I am sorry I couldn't hold it for you. But I had to go so fucking badly