The Best of Both Worlds


Goddess Ashanti

American / California
5:38 min - Apr 26 - .MP4 - 813.31 MB


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During this clip you get to enjoy the best of world, my ass and my feet. My ass and feet are all you can think about and all you care about. You just can’t wait to get home each day and watch my clips and enjoy the magnificence that is your Goddess. My ass and feet set your mind at ease and you know that nothing else matters because all you need are my feet and my ass. I want my feet and my ass to be embedded into your mind deeper; save me as your screensaver if you haven’t already because you need to be reminded of what’s important to you to help keep you on track with continuing to please me. My ass and feet are your dream come true and if you fly here right now to be in between them, you would do so in a heartbeat. You can no longer do the thinking for yourself because my ass and feet do all of the thinking for you, and you like it that way don’t you