Toe Jam Licker


Goddess Ashanti

American / Texas
8:49 min - Apr 26 - .MP4 - 1.45 GB


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My feet are your weakness and what most you desire; you crave to be at the mercy of my beautiful feet and toes. You desire to have my delectable toes in your pitiful beta mouth; you even love the thought of licking toe jam from my toes. I’ve noticed how weird you get when it comes to my feet, and have made mental notes about what triggers you into that zombified foot bitch that spends on me excessively. It just does something to you, especially when you get to smell the sweet aroma of my sweat. Watch as I emasculate and tease you mercilessly about your inferior stature as a loser who is infatuated with my feet and toe jam. You’re so such a toe jam licking pervert that you would give anything to be able to blessed with a gift such an honor of being my toe jam cleaner; well you have your chance you better do a good job too! By the end of this clip you will be reprogrammed with a sense of self-loathing and insatiable desire to watch this clip over and over again to practice with hopes one day that you will actually get to, until then you’ll stop at nothing to serve at my feet and give into my every desire