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Nikki Sequoia

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603 5.0
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Finally back from your first semester of college, you are back in your old house for the summer. Your stepmom has missed you and wants to catch up on old times even though your father is home. Can you keep you this taboo secret as your horny stepmom sneaks around trying to get you all alone for pure unadulterated fun?? Episode 6: Stepmom's Unplugged-- You walk in on your stepmom having some electrical problems and she seems to need a little help. She asks you to shut the door before you plug it in to be sure you don't get caught. Mommy loves her pussy licked and she's so glad you're no longer scared to ram it in really quick every chance you get! After she grabs a pillow to give you a better angle, your stepmom lets you pound her hard and fast, and after your dad knocks, you need to go even faster so you get to finish before she has to go! Don't you dare get any of your cum on the pillow though, because mommy wants every last drop inside that beautiful pink pussy of hers