Alex Tanner's Full Scene

28:19 min - Apr 26 - .WMV - 1.07 GB


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Here is Alex Tanner's FULL SCENE! She is a spectacular 18 year old redhead from Tampa, Florida and she has incredibly soft feet and high arches. You'll fall in love with this fair skinned freckle faced beauty! See her solo foot tease, foot worship, Pose position and the footjob ending. See the huge load on her feet! I also discounted this clip, as well. Typical Redhead Feet!! YES!! Alex Tanner is JUST 18 YEARS OLD! This young beauty is wearing white sneakers without socks to make sure her feet are plenty sweaty and moist. Alex is from Tampa, Fla and I got to shoot her FIRST OFFICIAL FOOT FETISH SCENE while I was out in LA filming for my sites. She has super soft size 7.5 feet and with very high arches. She used to be a gymnast when she was younger and you can tell by her high arches. She has also never given a footjob before, but we take care of that later. Watch this beautiful redhead with lots of freckles play with her hair as I interview her and put her through the various foot tease poses. She literally has freckles all over her body - face, shoulders, tits, legs and tops of feet. I absolutely LOVE THAT!! She's a bit nervous, hence the hair playing, but it's also sexy at the very same time. She also has a very sexy voice. She's fairly new to the biz and she has perfect feet! We start off by her teasing you by removing her sneakers and holding up each foot. She does a toe point, wiggles her toes and flexes her high arches. Her soles are very moist, too, from being inside her sneakers. She then holds up both feet and points her toes and wiggles her toes. As you can probably tell, she's of Irish decent, with all the freckles and red hair. She looks so cute while in the Pose Position! See her play with her hair as I interview her in this position. She's all laughs and giggles. Very girl-next-door looking. She first, lays down on her stomach on the couch with her feet flat against the armrest and her soles facing upward. Great closeups of her wrinkled soles, too! Then, it's onto her tippy toes and you can see how high her arches really are. More closeups in this angle, too. she then brings her feet toward her body so you can see the tops of her soft feet. Then, it's the class Pose and her wrinkled soles are coming right at you as she gives you a great tease! If you enjoy seeing 18 year old redheads wearing sneakers without socks, then you'll absolutely love this foot worship scene with Alex Tanner! See this freckled beauty play with herself and moan as I lick the tops of her feet with her sneakers on and then I take off her each sneaker and lick her super sweaty feet and high arches. This is also her first foot worship scene! Alex really gets into having her feet licked and her toes sucked. Her feet are SO SOFT! She has great high arches and they are perfect for licking. I love how she is so into the foot worship and especially for a girl who is only 18. She has this nervous innocence about her which makes this scene so sexy and fun. See me worship this 18 year old redhead beauty's feet in the Pose Position. In fact, she loves it so much, she plays with herself almost the entire time I lick her wrinkled soles from behind. This is such a hot video with a hot 18 year old girl-next-door type! You guys are gonna love this. See Alex rest her feet on the armrest of the couch with her soles facing upward as I lick her soles from the back of her ankles to her toes. I then suck each toe and lick in between each toe. It's so sensual and you hear a lot of sot moans from her. She then goes up on her tippy toes and I lick her high arches. At the end, she takes off all of her clothes as she is getting ready for her FIRST FOOTJOB. She reminds me of a pornstar named ALLISON WHYTE from back in the day. She has a super sexy voice and this is her FIRST EVER FOOTJOB SCENE! She gets so horny and turned on from having her feet played with and during the footjob, she continually plays with herself as I lick her bare feet and as she strokes my cock. She has size 7.5 feet with very nice high arches. She has very wrinkled soles, as well. I lick each foot and then she starts stroking my cock as she is really good at this. She even throws in a hand once in awhile, gotta love that, lol! Some gel oil is then applied to get her arches and soles all nice and shiny and she's off to the races. Her soft feet feel great and I explode all over her feet and soles and then she holds up her cum covered soles and wrinkles them up for you to see