Executive Assistant wanted

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You have been unhappy at your job for months and even worse your all consuming fetish for the feet of Strong Dominant Women did not subside while you muddled your way through day after boring day at your end job causing your foot addiction to get even worse. Things have gotten so bad that you think you have finally hit rock bottom. The fact is, you are a broke, blue collar loser that is helplessly enslaved by female feet. There is reason for optimism today though. You have an interview with a Ms.,. ROXANA Rae, CEO of Roxana Rae Enterprises to be Her personal Executive Assistant. All you know about RRE is that it is a highly profitable entertainment studio, so this could be the fresh start you need to get back on your feet. You arrive early, hoping to impress your new employer and when your name is called and the door opens your jaw drops at the sight of Ms. Rae Herself, She is dressed to the 9's and Her powerful Dominant presence and confident attitude send you feeling into a babbling, stuttering imbecile as you try to find the words you need to introduce yourself. You can't look In Her seductive eyes, they see right through you, and Her impeccable cleavage is not an option if you want the job. Your gaze continued to drop to her mesmerizing hips and feminine curves, no you tell yourself, further down Her toned sexy legs make your heart race even faster. Finally, you see Her beautifully petite feminine feet. Each toe perfectly pedicured and secured by Her sultry open toed spike heels. You can't look away and soon She notices your obvious distraction...... This clip contains 3 minutes of additional sexy foot ignore material. Your welcome foot freaks, now kneel, pay and obey