You're Beneath Me


Goddess Ashanti

American / Texas
6:32 min - Apr 26 - .MP4 - 1.03 GB


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Feet are your weakness, correction my feet are your weakness and what most you desire; you crave to be at the mercy of a beautiful pair of toes, my beautiful feet and toes. It just does something to you, especially when they are painted with my favorite nail polish looking so tasty you’d want to eat them. As you know I get especially cocky and cruel when they are painted in one of my favorite colors and I can help but to tease you more than usual. Purpose wearing open toe shoes and sandals to keep my feet visible you’ve managed to make it past the consideration but you still have this dominance about you. No worries, I’ll be taking care of that soon enough because there is only 1 Alpha in this relationship and that is me. You come for our daily foot worship and foot slave training and start freely talking to me as if you’re better than the other slaves because you come over more often. Well news flash, you’re not. Looks like I am going to have to teach your pathetic ass a lesson and bring you back down to earth; as a result I punish you with 12 kicks to the balls and encasing you in the leather body suit that currently lies under my feet. You’re to watch helplessly as I emasculate and tease you mercilessly about your inferior stature as a beta male loser who is infatuated with my feet and what all I want you to do to and for them; as I tease you with my green irresistible toes. You’re so irrelevant that I’m sure to deprive you of complete contact at different parts of the film and instead leave you wondering what has my attention as I humiliate you. By the end you will be reprogrammed with a sense of self-loathing unless you are serving at my feet and giving into my every desire