Shredding Farts In My Ugly Green Shorts

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2,316 5.0
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BigBruh702 - Top reviewer Apr 27 2017
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D A M N!!!! If you love seeing this beyond fucking sexy woman fart, then you NEED to get this video! Fart lovers everywhere...this video is a MUST BUY! She claims that these shorts are ugly but I couldn't disagree more! They get a 1,000 out of 10 rating in my eyes and the gulpy sound of some of these farts almost makes her farts visible!! LOL! Seriously, one of the best "in your face" fart videos I have seen in quite some time!!

Come in the bathroom with me and watch my empty my ass of all its stinky gas in your face! I shredded these ugly ass green jean shorts with my noxious gas. At the end, watch as I take them off and fart in my sexy surprise panties