Ruined by Bad Bitch



Austrian / Austria
10:02 min - Apr 26 - .MP4 - 1.09 GB


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You are a fucking loser. It started all when you were born, then you came in school and you was humiliated by all those beautyful bad bitches. It never stopped and after some time you were jerking at home to all that humiliation you got. Bad bitched turning you on. Nothing else. Nice girls? Nothing for you. You know you are a loser you never could have a bad bitch like me. Still all you want is me, all you crave is me. No matter how much i humiliate you, laugh about you you cant stop you need more, you need me. The more bitchy iam the more weak you get. Even if i totally ruin you cant stop. You are obsessed over me, over a bad bitch. And i will keep on taking whats mine anyway and dont give a about you and your weak mind