Tiffani Taybor Trained

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Gorgeous blonde Tiffani Taybor was impressive in her introductory session. Tiffani happily returns for more training conducted by Head Trainer Mark. Tiff is attired in a trainee bikini and sandals to begin her second session. Mark wastes no time in producing a shiny pendant to place Tiffani under his spell. It's obvious that Tiffani truly enjoys being controlled. When triggered, Tiffani recites a catch-phrase given to her in a previous session, Mark has Tiffani link training with pleasure when he gives her a powerful orgasm. Pete enters and causes Tiffani to remove her bikini top. Pete shows Tiff his special pocket watch. Tiff finds the swinging watch fascinating but cannot watch for long without zonking out. Tiffani feels tickled by her bikini bottom and insists on removing it. Tiffani's sandals start tickling so she gets totally naked when she has Pete remove them. Pete shows Tiff how she can put herself under. Tiffani is frozen in place and time stands still. She cannot understand what is happening when Mark and Pete move around the room. Tiffani is distracted when she thinks she see a barely-dressed bodybuilder in the studio. (It's really the female friend she brought to the shoot.) Tiffani's head is stuck to Pete's shoulder, then her hand is attached to her face. Recalling a stage show she saw on a cruise, Tiffani feels cold and cuddles up to Pete. Pete gives Tiff a going-away orgasm to ensure she will return soon for another session. This is the highest quality version of the session at the lowest price available anywhere