White Cigarettes, Mesmerise & JOI

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I’m glad you could join me, you see we’re going to have some fun! As I stroke more red lipstick across my lips I start to tell you what’s going to happen. I’m going to smoke my all white cigarettes as you follow my instructions and smoke. With every drag the all-white butt gets covered in my red lipstick, getting deeper and darker with each inhale. At certain points I’ll stop the stroking and start getting you fuzzy. You’ll follow my lead and sniff with me. Getting that little head of yours all fuzzy and making you weaker and weaker. Not too weak for the finale I hope…It includes a cum countdown at the end. This is a custom and includes the name Adrian. INCLUDES: BRITISH MISTRESS, SMOKING, HUMAN ASHTRAY, 1NT0.X, JOI, ORGASM CONTROL, P.0PP3RS, LATEX, GLOVE FETISH, FETISH CLOTHING, CUM COUNTDOWN, MIND FUCK, MESMERIZE, MOUTH FETISH, WHITE CIGARETTES, RED LIPSTICK, FEMDOM & FETISH