Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

Runaway Android Meets Her Maker 1



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Evie is an android who is convinced she is really human, so she ran away from her cruel owner. She was captured and returned to her Maker, who is not pleased with her behavior, He drags her inside by her hair and chastises her and she attempts to convince him that there is a mistake-she's really human! He has her into wardrobe to change and then retire with the other androids for the night. He catches her, lonely and caressing one of the antique models in the android quarters, which makes the Maker more furious. An android himself, he was programmed to have the strictest of standards for android behavior, Evie is dressed in latex, stockings, a bondage belt and thigh high boots and he binds her to the wall while he drums into her head that she couldn't possibly be human. He threatens her with the cane and gives her pleasure and orgasms that are beyond the scope of human possibility- insisting that what she feels isn't true human pleasure pain but really just what has been programmed into her to respond to. Beautifully acted and edited, just part 1 of many! Enjoy