Greedy Bitch



Austrian / Austria
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Lets admit it both. Im greedy, i love money more then everything. Money is power, money is freedom, so to the point it really is everything. And you get turned on to hand it over to me, just admit it to yourself. I already know it you cant deny it anymore. Nothing makes you more horny and that cock rock hard then paying me. The only way you ever can please me, the only way to exist in my perfect world. You have to be so greatful as i am the reason for you to life, you work for me, you breath for me, you live for me, not matter what you are doing its for me. All you want is attention from me, from someone who you can never be on the same step. You never will be worth my time if you dont pay, more and more. You never can resist me. I will be forever your Nr.1 priority. Forever living for me. Forever pleasing me. Now pay more make me wet. Forever paying me