11 Loads at the Gloryhole

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American / Tampa, FL
11,485 5.0
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invite me next time if you want 12!? #FloridaPornProducersUnite

Jatter May 16

Absolutely amazing girl. She is genuine, sexy, and is always enthusiastic. Can't wait for the next video!

cam441 May 16

amazing video

Wow this is the best girl hands down her videos are so sexy and hot she gets you rock hard watching it. Nothing is fake about her she gets down to handling her business

wow that is so sexy and cant wait to come and joi you at next one definately!!!!

Holey crap!! Glory-holey, that is. This stuff is totally mind-blowing!

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bgm511 - Top reviewer May 22
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The pure joy on her face as she takes those loads is reason enough to love this girl. You can tell she loves this and it couldn't be sexier

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It's tough to come up with all the reasons I love this vid.

Yes, Cloe is a performance artist of the first rank, throwing herself (quite literally) into her work with abandon. That's enough, by itself, to recommend the vid. But it gives no insight into the particular high spots. This review, I think, could be be done chronologically.

She opens with a simple declaration that she's home again - at the gloryhole. Holy shit, how many gorgeous young women are willing to refer to a the gloryhole as "home" and honestly mean it? Cloe does and if that doesn't inspire you to support her craft and dedication, I don't know what will...except the rest of the video.

Dick #1 presents immediately and stands up to her oral ministrations with surprising stamina. How the hell he doesn't immediate spurt fountains when she asks him "Are you going to cum for me?" I'll never know. (Of course, I would have blown instantly on contact with her tongue but that's just my shortcumming.)

She shows off the load, swallows a bit, and smears much of it on her face. Then she continues onward, through the fog of lust and sensory overload.

Loads are shot, played with by hand, and deliberately smeared on that gorgeous face. Compliments are handed out, too. Cloe is nothing if not interactive. "I like your cock" are words every man needs to hear, even if only by proxy.

Less than halfway through, our intrepid camera operator can stand no more and blows a massive load all over her face. Who can blame him?

Ever the well-mannered miss, Cloe thanks the men for their loads. She needs to learn, though, to stop talking with her mouth full. "Kenk uu"? Really? (Seriously, it's nice to have a laugh in the middle to break up all that intense action. Thanks for editing that in; it demonstrates intelligence and humor that are too often lacking in these videos that just go by the numbers, duplicating everyone else's content. But that criticism can never be reasonably leveled at Cloe.)

Toward the end, the video shifts location to a packed room where the background noise makes it clear that there's more porn being shot than just Cloe. This is no distraction. Instead, it's a matter-of-fact acknowledgement of the way this wonderful woman is immersed in her world and adds a special, poignant frisson to the proceedings. IOW, it's a perfect setting on which to end.

If you're religious, download all her content, watch, and come to a true understanding of why God invented sex.

If you're not, just watch this and get off.

Again and again and again and again...

oq____69 - Top reviewer Jul 10
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Always GREAT .... i want to trip to your second house NOW ...
great and very arrousal video... it's incredible how you like to please every cock , every size and taste ...

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Like her and all of her videos, this one is hot. Can't wait to be at a theatre sometime when she is there. Not only is she beautiful, but she is intelligent.

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Hands down the hottest glory hole video I've ever seen. Makes you wish you were one of those lucky guys

mjetz22 May 23
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Wow what an amazing video! wish I could have been there! keep it up!

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I can not get enough of Cloe swallowing load after load. its amazing.

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I love the look of anticipation she has on her face before she takes a load on it.

Thanks for leaving such a lovely review, Valendreath! It really means a lot to me - nothing feels better than being back in my truest element.

Look forward to much more new content this month!

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Just an amazing video. She has such a big smile on her face and has so much fun. Just truly outstanding from beginning to end. A must see video.

LoBo44 Jun 29
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This video is simply amazing, she is truly a cum junkie, when she deep-throats til tears are running down her face it's phenomenal. I can't wait until the next video

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I've never seen anyone so excited to be covered in cum. So good to see a "behind the scenes" look at 11 crazy hot blowjobs. She enjoys her work as much as I enjoy watching.

b4c4rdi Apr 29
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WOW! :0 i knew this vid would be awesome again but what Cloe does in it surprised me beyond belief...if you like quality cum vids then i suggest you buy it immediately! pls more vids like this one! :DD

Thank you so, so much for leaving such a nice review, Bacardi! Your constant support is overwhelmingly appreciated. (This month is going to be great!) 


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Her passion and intensity are awe-inspiring. She has such a good time and makes sure everyone else does too. What a woman!

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What can be said about this girl that hasn't been said already? Supremely talented and just all around fun, she's well worth the time!

The adult theater is like a second home - such a warm and welcoming place wherein I've had the ultimately free reign to explore Self and fully expand spiritually. There's nothing more enjoyable than relinquishing control over consciousness into carnality. Enjoy watching me play at the gloryhole, milking, swallowing, and wearing eleven loads of hot cum from strangers - complete with beautiful slow motion facials in 1080/60FPS as well as hot, tear-inducing deep-throating


American / Tampa, FL
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