Star Nine's Dirty Panties & Dixie Comet


Star Nine

American / California
12:53 min - Apr 28 - .MP4 - 469.97 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Star Nine suppresses a smile as Dixie Comet whips a pair of panties in front of her face. She adores Dixie's attention. Dixie has collected a batch of Star's dirty panties from the hamper. She pulls a pair over Star's face, positioning her nose in the ass. She pulls her skirt up, revealing a pair of Star's worn panties that she removes and stuffs in Star's mouth along with the pair she is currently wearing and another from the hamper. She tapes them in place. Dixie pulls Star between her legs, positioning a vibrator between their bodies and gets herself off. Finished, Dixie wraps Star's head with the rest of the worn panties. She leaves, ordering Star to cover her own mouth and grip her own throat, counting to 100 before removing the worn panties. Includes hand domination, HOM, masturbation, worn panties, gags, lesbian domination